Growing Startups

Growing Startups is an early stage accelerator that will provide real international exposure and mentoring. We also provide seed capital, a space to grow and access to investors and mentors who have been there, done that, and are ready to give back to the next generation. We have established links directly into Silicon Valley and London so if your hopes and dreams are about growth or colocation, contact us today.


If you have a great idea for a startup, in any field, we can help you get through that all important first stage. Subject to review each startup can get up to $120,000 of platform servers for one year, as well as startup capital, you’ll also receive invaluable advice from experienced entrepreneurs from a range of disciplines, and we can add international growth opportunities on top of that with USA and EU based mentors after the 12 week program completes.  Get in touch to find out about the opportunity and potential benefits including partnerships with London or Silicon Valley.


Get social and provide something for the next generation, its not only about money its about giving back sometimes called social good but of course this could also improve your own pipeline if the startup feels they want you onboard for their growth  Growing Startups gives you the chance to invest and opportunities to share your expertise with the teams of great entrepreneurs.  If you want to learn how you can get involved as an investor or a mentor, drop us a line.


International Locations


Week Intensive Programme


Seed capital

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Creating jobs, creating opportunities

The key to stimulating the economy is creating jobs, and the best way to create jobs is in startup companies. We’re keen to help people take the leap and turn great ideas into businesses. To do that, we’re offering seed capital, 12 week incubation office space, an intensive, hands-on programme with our experienced investors that can take your idea and develop it toward being market ready.

As well as £10,000 in seed capital and world class office space, our investors are hands on and will help to steer you from an idea to something that is ready to go to market and be developed further. The investors will advise, steer and help you access sales channels and markets to help your business grow.

We’re building out our investor pool with experienced investors who are passionate about helping the next generation of entrepreneurs. With a little capital investment and access to your networks and knowledge, we can help develop these ideas, and start these companies on the road to success.

The Process


If you have been working on something or want to, use our contact form below and get with an invite to our next pitching session.  Set out a short description of your idea and team so we can understand what your idea is.


Each program provides workspace, funding/ support and you will be asked to achieve milestones that will allow you to prepare for a product launch or investment and you also gain the knowledge and professional support you need to get through to the next round.


This accelerator is the first stepping stone to bigger and better, we will introduce you to larger communities, partners and funding to take the next steps  and grow into a business with confidence and support all the way. Meet venture capital and partners early in the process and pitch for major investment to turn your idea into a Global business.

Don't Be Shy

If you’re interested in getting involved, either as a company or investing, drop us a line.


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